What Is Human Trafficking?

What is human trafficking?

Human trafficking involves the abducting and selling of humans for labor or sex. Human trafficking is illegal.

Who is affected by human trafficking?

Anyone can be a victim of human trafficking, however, young women are most vulnerable ~70 percent.

Where does human trafficking occur?

Human trafficking takes place in every country including the United States. Russia, China, and the Sudan have the highest trafficking rates.

How to traffickers lure their victims?

A variety of ways that include kidnapping and being tricked into it.

Other examples include: Workers that believe they’re entering a new employment and have their legal documentation confiscated to become enslaved, and mail-order brides that believe they are going to marry a foreigner end up being sold into trafficking rings.

How can human trafficking be identified?

Red flags include Someone…

·      Living with their employer

·      Living in a cramped space with many people

·      Unable to speak to another person privately

·      Displaying signs of physical abuse

·      Behaving submissively or fearfully

·      Receiving extremely low or no pay for work

·      Speaking in way that appears scripted and rehearsed.

What should I do if I suspect human trafficking?